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Woolzies Germ Fighter Essential Oil in 1oz/30mL

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Woolzies Germ Fighter Oil Blend is an antimicrobial oil with a fresh minty scent that boosts immunity.

It contains tea tree, peppermint, lavender, thyme, and eucalyptus essential oils.

This blend can be diffused, inhaled, applied topically, and used in cleaning.

Woolzies is committed to only producing products made from the finest that Mother Nature has to offer.

They never add anything toxic to their products, like paragons or artificial fragrances.

All Woolzies products are produced with 100% natural ingredients, designed and formulated to have maximum effectiveness.

Bottle Size 1oz/30mL


Tea tree, peppermint, lavender, thyme, and eucalyptus essential oil.

How to Use

Diffuser at Bed Time Toys


Inhale Germ Fighter Blend by adding 3-5 drops per 100ml of water to an oil diffuser.

Skin and Body at Bed Time Toys

Skin + Body

Dilute 4-6 drops of Germ Fighter Blend in 20ml (2 Tbsp) of carrier oil before applying to the skin.

Massage the Germ Fighter Blend into your chest and back to relieve congestion.  

Dab this oil onto cuts and grazes to prevent infection. 

Add 5-10 drops to a warm bath to soothe the body. 

Add 5 drops of Germ Fighter Blend to 1 cup of warm water for an antimicrobial gargle. 

Home at Bed Time Toys


Add 2-3 drops of Germ Fighter Blend to dishwashing powder, laundry powder, and dishwashing liquid to disinfect and remove odours.

Make a disinfecting household spray and hand sanitizer using Germ Fighter Blend. 

Combine 1 cup water, ½ cup witch hazel, 2 Tbsp pure vodka, and 40 drops Germ Fighter Blend in a spray bottle. Spray this onto hands, shopping carts, counters, floors, windows, kitchens, bathrooms, door knobs, and wherever you may find germs.

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Woolzies Germ Fighter Essential Oil in 1oz/30mL at Bed Time Toys
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