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How to Use Clitoral Stimulators Instructions Bed Time Toys

How to Use Clitoral Stimulators Instructions Bed Time Toys

Posted by Bed Time Toys on 24th Nov 2018

These are the small and simple female sex toys that add that little bit of spice to your natural sex life. Lonely, stressed and overworked women everywhere come home at night with one thing in mind: the sexual release delivered by their favorite clitoral stimulator! But it is not only these women who enjoy all the pleasures their bodies are meant to experience, married women, attached women, and even all around satisfied women use them too!

Basically, every and any woman can use a clitoral stimulator and love it, either for shameless self satisfaction, mutual masturbation or even to tease their lover during foreplay! Clitoral stimulators are perfect for traveling and the waterproof ones make great bath toys! The best adult toys are gift-ready for any occasion, especially Valentine's Day and Anniversaries!

The difference between silicone and jelly clitoral stimulating sex toys is the firmness and the amount of visual detail. Silicone is a firmer, stronger and less flexible material that is usually laced in beautiful details. An example of a stunning silicone sex toy is the Wireless Venus Butterfly Wearable Vibrator. This clit toy vibrates powerfully, and has a few different options on how to use it. Try the stimulating butterfly antennas, the smooth round head or the perfect butterfly wings against the clitoris for a very arousing sensation. The We-Vibe is made for couples, it’s a Clitoral and G-Spot Vibrator, it allows both partners get feel the vibrating sensations.

Jelly clitoral stimulators are also very comfortable and can be very cute! Jelly can be made into many different shapes and designs and is a very versatile material. Silicone lubrication will make jelly clitoral toys slip and slide easy and very stimulating! The softness of the material is something to be desired, it will feel so exquisite. The little adult toys that pamper!

Clitoral pumps or Pussy Pumps are mainly for women who really enjoy their clitorises being licked, sucked and stimulated more than anything else in the world! Well, any woman will enjoy a clitoral pump, but if you are very fond of clitoral stimulation, then clit pumps will certainly wow you! They are also used to prepare you for sex, heightening sensations and making every touch feel more erotic then before. The best sex toys for arousing your sexual response. The Sqweel has become a very popular toy for women, as the tongue moves slowly or fast with lubricant this is very pleasurable.

Clitoral pumps can be made in to many different shapes. There are clitoral pumps that are small plastic probes that vibrate and suck your clitoris, pumps that you can suction to a chair and ride on from above, and pumps that you hold in place. All of these pumps take your clitoris into their sucking cup and pull on them until you are satisfied. These pumps are used with a hand pump bulb and most of them vibrate. This is the ultimate in clitoral stimulation and will feel even better with lubrication! Simply suck until you are satisfied and continue on with your day! A great idea for teasing your partner is by pumping your clitoris before you make your grand entrance into your sexual session, they will see a puffy, plump and engorged clitoris, which will make them beg! No man can resist a full and juicy clitoris!

Finger vibrators are also very exciting sex toys, the hand-interactivity enables any creative movement and stimulation, newer to the market and quickly becoming best selling sex toys. These clitoral stimulators slip simply over the end of your finger and give you all the pin point power you want. Resting in one finger, the vibrations emitted by these simple sex toys can be very strong and very stimulating. Having all the power in one finger means you can position the pleasure in the perfect spot you want to be stimulated. Try rubbing your nipples or your partners nipples or even go wild and tickle your anus a little bit. It is easier to please yourself with a finger clitoral stimulating, as the power is all in the point of a finger! Another Popular toy is the Finger Vibrator FingO Fun Finger Wavy Vibrator .

Not all clitoral stimulators are hand held, some have thigh straps that allow you to actually wear your sex toys without hassle. These are great for women who like to be aroused all day long, while either out and about around town, or doing chores around the house. These are also perfect for wear during sexual intercourse as you can push the clitoral stimulator up and allow your partner to slip in behind it. This lets everything be pleasured at once, for the ultimate in orgasmic experiences!

Vibrating eggs and bullets are also powerful clitoral stimulators. They are the most popular sex toys for women, as they can be used for stimulating your clit, your vagina, your anus, your nipples or any of your special spots you love teased. They are typically plastic, metal coated plastic or simply metal. Some are smooth, some are bumpy, some are slimmer and some have separate sleeves that fit perfectly over the egg to give you another option of pleasure. The small size of these sex toys makes them portable and easy to hide away from curious eyes!

Vibrating panties are also a great way of stimulating your clitoris while out and about. A mini bullet vibrator slips in the panties and rests up against your clit to please you any time. These are great and the bullet is removable, so you can toss the panties in the wash and wipe down your bullet vibrator easily, or use the bullet vibrator as a sex toy on it's own. Vibrating panties are great for women who want to really throw off their partner and surprise them with the ultimate in sexy attire! The vibrating thong makes the best adult gift for any occasion.

More recently Womanizer and Satisfyer have released some easy to use, slick and sensational products that have taken the sex toy industry by storm for their effectiveness and orgasm achieving abilities.

Most clitoral stimulating sex toys are perfect for novice, intermediate and expert sex toy enthusiasts. Any woman can enjoy the pleasures delivered by a strong or subtle clit toy. Lubrication makes it way more comfortable and slick, so it is highly recommended for each time you play around with your clitoral stimulating sex toys.

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