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How to Use a Penis Pump Instructions at Bed Time Toys

How to Use a Penis Pump Instructions at Bed Time Toys

Posted by Bed Time Toys on 24th Nov 2018

There are many myths swirling around penis pumps, so which ones are true and which ones are not? Well, let's begin with the most popular myth question: "Do penis pumps make your penis bigger?" Unfortunately, the answer to that question is no, penis pumps do not enlarge your penis by making it grow bigger. Nothing can actually make your penis bigger besides painful surgery. This surgery will actually add tissue to the end of your penis, making it permanently longer. Penis pumps are mainly used by men who have erectile dysfunction, and cannot achieve a sufficient erection.

What penis pumps do is make your penis appear larger by giving you a more full, stronger erection. Like any muscle in the body, working out your penal muscles will help them tone and grow stronger. Think of lifting weights to strengthen your bicep, well a penis pump will contract your penal muscle to make it stronger. But like any exercise, repetition is necessary, and don't expect extraordinary results over night.

To use a penis pump, apply lubrication to the penis and to the air tight seal. This will eliminate most of the discomfort when removing your penis from the pump. Some of the penis pumps have a variety of seals, or different styles of seals, all of which are air tight for the perfect pump. If you wish to use a cock ring to keep your erection firm and hard, now is the time to slip it on. Next, slide in your penis and press the pumps cylinder against your pelvis. Some cylinders are tapered slightly, some are tinted, and some even have photos of naked women inside for stimulation while pumping.

Once the pump is in place, begin pumping slowly. You do not want to pump fast, as this may lead to rupturing blood vessels inside the penis shaft, causing bruising. Beginners should try using a pump with a gauge so you can visually see how much pressure is being used. This will also allow you to become used to the feel of the appropriate pressure and get familiar with how many pump strokes you will need to get a perfect erection.

You know you are finished pumping when your penis is full, erect and hard. When you achieve this, you can then use the quick release valve and release the pressure from the pump cylinder. Slip the cylinder off comfortably and enjoy your new erection! If you have a cock ring on, then make sure you do not wear it for longer than 20 – 30 minutes.

It is not advised to use a penis pump more than once a day. Like any other muscle workout, you need to let your muscle rest in between sessions. Using this pump daily, or even once every two or three days will help your erection become stronger, and possibly increase the girth of your penis by sending more and more blood into the shaft each time. This is how your penis is "enlarged" it is all a muscular workout.

Another myth in question is if penis pumps can do harm to your manhood? Yes, if not used properly, the pressure in a penis pump can cause vascular damage, and lead to permanent injury. To avoid this, make sure to read the instructional insert completely before you begin, and it is also highly recommended to talk to your physician before you use a penis pump. Your doctor knows you best and will be able to tell you if it is a good idea or not.

Some penis pumps are used for masturbation purposes; these are the pumps that have vibrating bullets, latex flaps or some kind stimulator at the top to tickle and tease your penis head. These can be used perfectly for private masturbation, as the pump will help you gain your erection and the vibrations will help you reach your orgasm.

Some of the most popular penis pump are the Beginner's Power Pump and the HydroMax X40 Original Water Pump.

Before using a penis pump, consult a medical professional and ask if it is safe for you to try. Also, read the instructional insert completely before beginning to use your penis pump. Sufficient lubrication is important for a comfortable insertion and removal.

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