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Hummer 2.0 Ultimate BJ Machine

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After reading through the original Hummer BJ Machine's great reviews, it's hard to imagine that VeDo could find a way make their totally unique, hands-free automatic stroker/sucker even better. Apparently, our imaginations don't stretch far enough, because with the Hummer 2.0 Ultimate BJ Machine, they've done just that! We're going to tell you all about it, but first, a little background.

In our sex-toy filled corner of the world, it's easy to find at least a few dozen masturbators and strokers vying for the title of 'perfect faux blowjob provider'. Just look to your left, or your right! They're all wonderful. We love them and our penis-owning customers love them. Here's the thing though; most strokers are stationary. Static. Motionless. You'll need to rely on your or your partner's own power of stroking locomotion. VeDO's Hummer 2.0 Ultimate BJ Machine, on the other (metaphorical) hand, relies on some totally innovative suction technology and good old electricity!

The Hummer 2.0 is truly a machine, a super-powered, pleasure-packed feat of engineering that lets you customize your perfect blow job from beginning to end. To get started, have a look at what's included. First up is the Hummer's power pack, a sturdy box with display screen, a simple on/off switch, two sets of function keys (power and mode), and some external connection points. One of those connection points is for an AC power adapter with lots of available cord. Plug it into a free wall socket, and that's it. No need to worry about batteries or charging. The other connects a length of flexible tubing to the Hummer's stroker sleeve.

Coated in firmer, easy to grip silicone, the stroker sleeve is plushy soft and sexily clingy. Attach the tubing to the back end of the sleeve, slide on the filter, then connect the remaining tubing to the power box. Flip the switch to 'ON', slather on lots of a favourite water-based lube, and you're good to go! Position the sleeve over your shaft, pick a rhythm and sit back to enjoy the best blowjob simulation you've ever had. The Hummer 2.0 sucks at 6 possible speeds using totally unique reverse pressure pulses that climb to as many as 180 sucks per minute.

To control your pleasure manually, press the plus and minus power buttons to experiment with suction speeds up to that 180rpm max. To enjoy eight fully automatic suction modes with four minute sessions of realistic, unpredictable sucking patterns, use the mode buttons. There's also a very handy remote included. Pass it off to a partner or keep it all to yourself. Either way, someone is going to be the very lucky recipient of slow and steady slurps, or a fast and furious ride to the finish. 

But that's not all! Just in case you're not in the mood for all the Hummer 2.0's machinery, the stroking sleeve is fully detachable, and operates independent of the main unit. Ten thrilling vibration modes cue up with a simple power/function button on the sleeve itself.

The Hummer 2.0 Ultimate BJ Machine's sleeve should be cleaned well before and after use using some warm soapy water or a good toy care fluid/foam. The other pieces of your Hummer 2.0 should be carefully wiped down. 

Please use lots of your favourite water base lube, not only will it feel amazing, but will also help the Hummer 2.0's suction work its very best magic. 

Do NOT use the Hummer in or around water. 

Remote requires 1 CR2032 button cell battery, which is included.

* Featured measurements represent the Hummer 2.0's stroking sleeve. The main Hummer unit is about 9.75"/24.7cm long, 7"/18cm wide and 4.5"/11.4cm high. The sleeve is approximately 6"/15.4cm penetrable and 1.02"/2.6cm in inner diameter. 


  • Orifice: Neutral
  • Length: 8.5"
  • Special Features: Closed End, Vibrates


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Hummer 2.0 Ultimate BJ Machine
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