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Chrystalino Rocker Glass Butt Plug in Blue

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Satisfy butt-play enthusiasts with a little experience, a lot of experience, or somewhere in between, the Chrystalino Rocker Glass Butt Plug stretches and stimulates perfectly.

It's also a great anal warm-up tool (plus, it warms up!) if you're looking to prep for something bigger. 

Shaped into a gentle, classic taper, the petite Rocker's sleek tip widens gradually toward the middle for a smooth, non-intimidating stretch. Below a wide, safety-conscious base, you'll find a smooth glass sphere that can be rocked and rolled for a customized inner sweet spots massage. Prostate stimulation, anyone?

To warm or cool your Rocker before playtime, simply soak it in some warm or cool water, or let it chill in the fridge for a while. 

Aside from an extra slick temperature-receptive surface, the Rocker is extremely hygienic. 

This glass piece can be safely boiled or bleached for total sterilization although a good Toy Cleaner/Foam is a great alternative to keep it clean. 

Pure and hypoallergenic, the Rocker can be enjoyed with any type of lubricant. 

Store carefully, and avoid abrasive surfaces that could scratch or chip your plug.


  • Length: 4.75"
  • Insertable Length: 2.75"
  • Girth: 4" at largest point
  • Width: 1.25" at largest point
  • Colour: Blue

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Chrystalino Rocker Glass Butt Plug in Blue at Bed Time Toys
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